What if I am not fluent in English?

Much of what we will be doing doesn’t require English fluency. On the road, we make use of hand signals and basic calls such as “Right turn” or “Car Back” that will be easily understood. We will have some printed materials in Spanish and…

Are you bi-lingual or know someone who is? We are looking for interpreters to be part of the team to ensure everyone can participate and learn to love cycling just as much as we do!

What if I get hungry?

We’ll be providing healthy snacks and water as part of our sessions. Some of our rides will include stops at local restaurants.

What is the schedule for the summer?

The detailed calendar will be posted as folks help us plan what they’d like to experience. Weekly sessions will be offered with a mix of learning sessions (topics such as: starting, stopping, and shifting gears; fix a flat; what to wear on the bike; route planning and traffic safety) and neighborhood bike rides espanolcial.com.

Can I suggest a ride destination?

Absolutely! We want to show off all that Northeast has to offer so let us know if you have a destination in mind. We’ll create bike-friendly routes and explore various options for getting there.